1906 Red Vintage, among the best beers in the world


1906 Red Vintage “La Colorada” establishes itself as a reference premium beer on an international level, backed by the greatest experts in the sector. This month, less than a year after its launch, two of the most important beer contests in the world have backed the quality of the Hijos de Rivera beer.

1906 Red Vintage has been awarded the Gold Medal in the  World Beer Challenge after having obtained the highest marks for taste and quality from among 300 beers from around the world.  World Beer Challenge is a prestigious annual contest held to judge and award the best beers in the world.  An expert jury evaluates the different beers, awarding them points within their particular category.  The points are awarded for taste, appearance, aroma and the finished product.

The International Beer Challenge q, held in London, has awarded 1906 Red Vintage the Silver Medal for the Best Taste.  The International Beer Challenge (IBC) is a distinguished contest which has been held in London for the last 17 years with the aim of evaluating and awarding prizes to the best beers in the world.  An experienced jury, made up of 30 professionals, awards the prizes that acknowledge the quality of products in 62 different categories.

These two latest prizes are added to the 3 Gold Superior Taste Stars awarded by the International Taste & Quality Institute (Brussels) and the Gold medal from the Monde Selection 2013 in May. 1906 has a number of prestigious awards to its name, confirming its place as a reference beer on an international level.

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