1906 Red Vintage, the only Spanish beer awarded in the European Beer Star 2021


1906 Red Vintage makes it to the podium of the European Beer Star 2021, one of the most important beer competitions in the European calendar to which 2400 beers from 44 countries have been presented this year.

1906 Red Vintage was born in 2012 as a tribute to an old winter recipe known as “La Colorada”, joining the family of Cervezas 1906 that currently has four references.

It is one of the most successful Hijos de Rivera beers in Spain, winning over 20 prestigious international awards throughout its history.

European Beer Star 2021- 1906 Red Vintage

1906 Red Vintage has stood on the podium of the European Beer Star 2021, triumphing yet another year in one of the most demanding beer competitions on the European calendar. On this occasion, 1906 Red Vintage has won the bronze in the German Style Heller Doppelbock category, and has been the only Spanish beer that has won an award in this edition held in Munich, the brewing capital of the continent.

Since its birth in 2012 as a tribute to the old recipe of “La Colorada”, 1906 Red Vintage has continued to accumulate national and international recognition and, in under 10 years, it already has over 20 prestigious awards, ranging from the World Beer Awards to the International Beer Challenge, the World Beer Challenge or the aforementioned European Beer Star, among many others.

The European Beer Star is a competition organized by the Association of German Brewers held every year in Munich. On this occasion, 2400 beers from 44 countries on all continents entered, which have been judged by a jury of 130 experts after a series of blind tastings organized over two days at the beginning of November. www.european-beer-star.de


About 1906 Red Vintage

1906 Red Vintage is the result of the recovery of a historical recipe of Hijos de Rivera, the Special Extra (La Colorada). Its production in the factory in A Coruña follows the traditional guidelines of the brewery: the best raw materials (pilsen malt and toast and Nugget hops), a specific must, prolonged storage, …

It is an intense and balanced beer, which is characterized by its aroma of toasted malt and creamy and compact foam with fine bubble. It has a marked final bitterness that balances its high alcohol content (alc. 8% vol.).

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