Cabreiroá and Berrogüeto get together to pay homage to Galician lighthouses

Product Launches

Cabreiroá launches a selection of Limited Edition bottles in honour of the most emblematic lighthouses in Galicia: the Tower of Hercules, Estaca de Bares, Finisterre and the Cíes Islands.  

The project aims to bring into the limelight one of the most representative symbols of the Galician coastline, the lighthouses, which Cabreiroá defines as  “guardian angels of the sea which arise on the border between land and water”. A relationship between land and water shared by the Cabreiroá spring.

The well-known folk group Berrogüeto has joined the initiative, applying its talent and avant-garde character to the creation of a track inspired by the rhythm and cadence of the light from the lighthouses.

At the press conference this morning at the Centro de Interpretación de la Torre de Hercules, Cabreiroá’s Brand Manager, Juan Paz, highlighted the mineral water brand’s commitment to Galicia and its emblems, seen in recent years through the launch of limited edition bottles in honour of the Camariñas “palilleiras” (lace makers from Camariñas), Rosalia de Castro or the Herba de Namorar (Thrift plant). On this occasion, Cabreiroá has focused on the four most symbolic lighthouses of the Galician coastline.

Santiago Cribeiro, accordionist and founder member of Berrogüeto, has shown his enthusiasm about being a part of this project which contributes to create, in his words, the “Galicia brand”.

Ana Santorun, Director-Coordinator of the Tower of Hercules, thanked the organisers of this activity for making the lighthouses, whose most representative example is the Tower of Hercules, visible and more widely known.

Only 5000 bottles have been produced, and can be bought on the Cabreiroá website (

Tower of Hercules

The oldest in the world

Estaca de Bares lighthouse

Between two seas

Finisterre lighthouse

Where the world ends

Cies Islands lighthouse

Watching over the Ria of Vigo 

recopilación faros para ingenio

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