Coruña Cociña and Cervezas 1906 present the «Celtic Pairing» gastronomic days

The association of catering professionals from A Coruña and Cervezas 1906 are teaming up to offer a gastronomic experience with a Celtic soul: “Celtic Pairing”.

Between June 25 and July 11, twelve A Coruña bars and restaurants will pair tapas, dishes and set meals with 1906 Galician Irish Red Ale “La Pelirroja”. A joint commitment to market cuisine, seasonal products, innovation and creativity, with the aim of boosting the gastronomic offer of the land.

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Coruña Cociña and  Cervezas 1906  presented this morning “Celtic Pairing”, a gastronomic conference that will take place between June 25 and July 11 in twelve restaurants in A Coruña, where they will pair tapas, dishes and menus with the 1906 Galician Irish Red Ale beer “La Pelirroja”.

An activity that, according to Javier Freijeiro, President of Coruña Cociña, “aims to offer the final consumer, in a fresh format and linked to local gastronomy, a gastronomic route that puts in value the good work in the kitchens of A Coruña and, at the same time, to publicize the 1906 Galician Irish Red Ale beer “La Pelirroja”.”

For his part, Pedro Pastur, Trade Marketing Manager HORECA Galicia de Hijos de Rivera highlights that with this initiative “we want to support and energize the hospitality industry of the city and encourage the people of A Coruña to enjoy good gastronomy. And what better way than accompanied by our first Ale made in our factory in Agrela, as is our 1906 Galician Irish Red Ale.”

Coruña Cociña and Cervezas 1906 are committed to market cuisine, seasonal products, innovation and creativity. With the aim of boosting the gastronomic offer of the land, these days bring together some of the chefs who best represent these values.

Our relationship with Coruña Cociña hs reached its fifth year and is reinforced every year with the explicit support of our company to the hospitality sector in general, and in the A Coruña territory in particular. Therefore, this will be only the first of the joint activities that will be carried out throughout the second half of 2021.

12 Celtic pairings

12 chefs from A Coruña will propose different options for two weeks that find in the 1906 Galician Irish Red Ale beer “La Pelirroja” the perfect companion. A series of pairings that will make the taste of beer 1906 Galician Irish Red Ale, “La Pelirroja”, carefully crafted with a blend of four malts and four hops, change according to the dish it is accompanied by.

The proposals accompanied by the 1906 Galician Irish Red Ale “La Pelirroja” by the Coruña Cociña chefs, are as follows:

Adrián Felipez (Miga): Tuna fish cured in seawater, emulsion of piparras, olives and soy caviar.

Alma García (Greca): Black Angus milk bread sandwich.

Álvaro Gantes (O Lagar da Estrella): Shrimp sashimi with garlic and chilli.

Chisco Jiménez (Culuca): Sardine with Iberian dewlap.

Ángeles Marzoa (Vinoteca Jaleo): Tuna fish gilda, tomato gazpacho, olives and pickles.

Fernando Agrasar (As Garzas): Tuna fish tataki with chimichurri (included in Single and Long Play Menu).

Gorka Rodríguez (A Pulpeira de Melide): Octopus.

Iván Domínguez (NaDo): Stewed chard, ham broth and cockles (included in Viaxe Atlántico Menu).

Javier Freijeiro and Moncho Bargo (Pracer): The snout & the cogollo.

Pablo Gallego (Pablo Gallego): Duck sautéed with wheat and raisins.

Pablo Pizarro (Leviandier): Meat stew.

Tito Fernández (Hotel NH Collection Finisterre): Tuna nigiris; tuna cured in Red Ale, spicy watermelon soup and fermented cherries; or game roast beef mollete and salad.

Each restaurant will have a sign at the entrance and a QR code at the tables where customers can get all the information of the ‘Celtic Pairing’ days, as well as it being available on the website

Coruña Cocina

Coruña Cociña is a collective that brings together some of the most interesting professionals of the cuisine of the province of A Coruña and that, based on the transversality and plurality of styles, works around a gastronomic personality of its own and differentiated for A Coruña.

It is currently made up of 18 chefs: Adrián Felipez, Alma García, Álvaro Gantes, Ángeles Marzoa, Antonio Amenedo, Chisco Jiménez, Diego Bello, Fernando Agrasar, Gorka Rodríguez, Iria Espinosa, Iván Domínguez, Javier Freijeiro, Luis Veira, Moncho Bargo, Pablo Gallego, Pablo Pizarro, Tino Otero and Tito Fernández.

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