Contemporary art with the five senses at the Estrella Galicia Museum


MEGA will celebrate International Museum Day with a free open day on Sunday, May 22, from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., with four artistic interventions that fuse art, gastronomy and beer. It will be transformed for the first time, for one day, into a space dedicated to the most innovative contemporary art, in collaboration with the Intersection Festival.

Arte contemporáneo con los cinco sentidos en MEGA

Support for young talent of Galician origin has always been in the DNA of Estrella Galicia and this is demonstrated once again with Art with the 5 senses, the new MEGA plan to celebrate International Museum Day. As every year, on May 18, exhibition spaces around the world organises special actions to celebrate their big day, whose theme, this 2022, revolves around the power of museums. MEGA moves the anniversary to the weekend to facilitate access to all audiences with a new programme.

Thus, on Sunday, May 22, the Estrella Galicia Museum will be transformed, for the first time, for a whole day, into a space dedicated to the most innovative contemporary art. In collaboration with the Intersection Festival, MEGA has selected four young talents to reinterpret its rooms with avant-garde audiovisual works of art. Art with the 5 senses will consist of an open day, free access, during which the museum will be transformed into a space open to the most cutting-edge audiovisual creation with four artistic interventions that fuse art, gastronomy and beer.

So, on Sunday May 22, from 10.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., the public will be able to enjoy the artistic interventions at MEGA of the Galicians Lúa Gándara, David Fidalgo, Colectivo Mariola and David Catá, while tasting four varieties of 1906 beer and four dishes designed especially for the occasion during their walk through each room, in a perfect pairing of ideas,  sensations and emotions lasting an hour and a half. Invitations to attend the new Planazo MEGA Arte con los 5 sentidos are now available through the museum’s website.



Four young talents will be present in four MEGA rooms (Origins, Family, Silo and This is Us) with a contemporary audiovisual work of art. In a new pairing, visitors will be able to enjoy the artistic interventions while tasting four of the brewery’s beer and four dishes while contemplating the creations. The ticket – a unique opportunity to see MEGA with new eyes and meet four young talents and their creations – includes:

A 90-minute visit to the four rooms re-created by the artists:

  • Lúa Gándara with his work Arredor.
  • David Fidalgo with his work TT.
  • Colectivo Mariola (Cristina Chiarroni and Roquekes) with her work SinestesI.A.
  • David Catá with his work Origen.


To access MEGA and celebrate International Museum Day with an original plan on Sunday, May 22, in sessions of 90 minutes for a maximum of 14 people, with an experience of pairing art, gastronomy and beer, between 10.30 and 20.00h, you must  book in advance through the Museum’s website (free admission until full capacity).



Arredor is a piece of video art that deals with social life and the affective relationships that are generated around the tables where you drink with friends. Using her own performance resources, the artist Lúa Gándara interacts with herself in six simultaneous projections that place special emphasis on the humor and love that underlies people, conversation and beer. All this, through an invented universal language that uses phonetic and musical elements.

In an artistic approach to the language of memes, David Fidalgo –artist and director of traditional and digital animation short films, who reinterprets pop culture with humor in an iconic way, and who has been nominated for the 2020 Goya Awards for his film Homomaquia– offers with TT a metaphorical interpretation in a humorous tone of the sensations and emotions caused by a Estrella Galicia. His creation addresses collective visions in the form of animation in an exhibition where pets will not be lacking. Learn more at

Colectivo Mariola is formed by Cristina Chiarroni and Roquekes. Their work is characterized by hybridizing interactivity, games and childhood with digital language and new technologies. The creation SinestesI.Aproposes a meditation guided by an artificial intelligence on the concept of beer (its taste, its color, etc.), in a brief journey through essence, games and movement.

David Catá is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist who takes inspiration from photography, video creation, painting and music. His internationally recognized work establishes a dialogue between personal memory and creative act in an evocative way. His piece Origen talks about roots and life. It is a creation of video art recorded in the Galician hop harvests, where the body, music, nature and the hop plant itself dialogue, in a natural and amazing environment that rocks to the rhythm of a musical composition that provokes tranquility, peace and mystery.

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