Estrella Galicia strengthens its commitment to its origin and turns to the revitalization of the “Verbenas”


Our brand Estrella Galicia presents a project to return to the splendor of the traditional verbenas (open air dances usually held to celebrate local festivities), which are part of the most authentic character of Galician celebrations, especially in small towns and villages. Through this project, it will meet the demands of citizens to recover or try to avoid the disappearance of emblematic festivals throughout Galicia.

After organizing a wide range of leisure proposals last weekend at the pilgrimage of Lobeira, it will make available to Galicians a landing page where they can request that verbenas they would like to bring back.

This initiative is part of the positive impact strategy of Hijos de Rivera whose non-conformist commitment to the planet, people, allies, and origin, materialises in this project and takes another step in our traditional support of deeply rooted events and those of social repercussion in Galicia.

Estrella Galicia quiere revitalizar las Verbenas

Estrella Galicia has focused on Galician verbenas, in order to revitalize this type of events that have always been essential on the Galician social calendar, especially for small towns or villages.

Our brand, whose motivation is generating a real positive impact on its environment, has valued the case of the verbenas as key social and celebration events for Galicians who have recently suffered a lot due to the pandemic and the depopulation of rural areas.

Therefore, although over the last few years, Estrella Galicia has been present in different festivals and events throughout the region, due to its non-conformist character, it wants to go one step further and help recover these traditional celebrations so linked to the Galician idiosyncrasy, as the verbenas are. Our company has launched different initiatives over the years in favour of the development of rural Galicia, a strong involvement with the territory that has materialised in the support of a socioeconomic nature of multiple projects, and that now addresses both a fun and fundamental aspect of the social structure, as is the case of the verbenas.

Estrella Galicia’s commitment to its origin is to the happiness of its people because, according to the brand, “Estrella Galicia is not just a beer, it is everything that is experienced in Galicia with it and thanks to it. Because this isn’t just about what you drink, what matters is what you experience.”  Hence, the brand has mobilized its resources to prevent traditional festivities of our region from falling into oblivion or simply disappearing, and its intention is to give them a boost during this first year so that in the successive ones the locals can recover this tradition.

The project started this past weekend in the pilgrimage of Lobeira, a traditional event that had waned to the point that there was a social demand from the neighbours to bring it back. Estrella Galicia responded to this call by organizing the best festivities ever in the town.

The music of Galilea Orchestra, a meeting with and signing of shirts with veteran Celta players or a vermouth session with Touriñán are just some of the plans that this weekend the neighbours of and visitors to Lobeira could enjoy.

This Estrella Galicia initiative in favour of the verbenas will continue active during the coming months, in different points of the Galicia.

In fact, we encourage all those people who want to bring back any of the that traditionally entertained the festivities of different Galician towns, to register their request on the website.

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