Renowned surfer Gony Zubizarreta will represent our beer brand Estrella Galicia and our Mineral Water Cabreiroá around the world until 2024.

Gony Zubizarreta, the Galician surfer who, from the age of 18, jumped onto the world circuit (World Surf League), will continue to represent Cabreiroá and Estrella Galicia until 2024. The ambassador of the Galician brands has an extensive track record among which are the ISA Grommets and Aloha Cup world titles, WQS of Zarautz, Caparica or Algarve or Champion on two occasions of the MEO Surf League in Portugal among others.

This link will be very visible on Zubizarreta’s boards, but also in his support as a spearhead within the ambitious project that the brands of Hijos de Rivera have been developing in the world of surfing since 2018.

Currently, water and beer brands are one of the main sponsors of the world surf circuit in Spain and Portugal, in events such as Pantín Classic, Las Américas, Zarautz, Santa Cruz, Caparica or Ericeira.

“I am happy to continue representing Cabreiroá and Estrella Galicia in this great project. In a sport like surfing, the involvement of our sponsors is essential and I am extremely grateful that it is also the brands of my homeland that I carry around the world – I am really looking forward to the three years we have ahead together, “says Gony Zubizarreta.

Jaime Perozo, from the Sports Sponsorships area of Hijos de Rivera, said that “Gony represents the best values of surfing and our origin. Regardless of the level of competition that continues to improve over the years, Gony symbolizes the respect and humility that makes us especially proud to accompany him on this adventure.”

The link of the Galician company with Gony Zubizarreta comes from afar. In 2010 he participated in a documentary by Cabreiroá, “La tierra del agua” (“The land of water”), when it was dipping its toes into this sport, and he went on to become the main ambassador of the brand in the surfing world.

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