Maeloc research project


Maeloc has put its name to an investigative programme which aims to use a scientific basis for the growing of cider apples in Galicia. Through the Maeloc Project, the cider brand will undertake a detailed study of native apple varieties with the collaboration of public entities and organisations.

The main objective of Maeloc, who the project to characterise and identify cider apples in the region has been named after, is to investigate what the current situation of cider apple production in Galicia is. It is an initiative which has been underway since 2013 in collaboration with the Xunta de Galicia, CIAM (The Mabegondo  Agricultural Investigation Centre), USC (University of Santiago de Compostela), the Centre of Agroforestal Training and Experimentation of Guisamo and the Centre of Agroforestal Training and Experimentation of Monforte.

The study supports the creation of a farming census, a reception/buying census, test fields using the chosen varieties and the development of conferences for producers and associations of the sector. These are activities that will be carried out from 2013 to 2017 in different phases.

Among the varieties studied, you can find those commonly called: Gravillan, Jamardo, Jose Antonio, Negra, Marafonsa, Ollo Landoi, Peros de Chantada, Rabiosa, Repinaldo and Ollo Mouro. Maeloc uses these apples to produce its 7 types of cider with Custom Drinks: Maeloc Natural, Sweet, Dry, Extra and the Strawberry, Blackberry and Pear flavoured ciders.



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