Marc Márquez participates in an encounter in Sao Paulo with Estrella Galicia 0.0 and Honda Brazil

Marc marquez1

Today our Moto GP rider Marc Marquez visited Brazil for the first time with Estrella Galicia 0.0 and Honda Brazil. Before participating in this weekend Americas Motorcycling Race, Marquez visited Brazil’s Capital City to hold a media gathering and get closer to his fans in the country.

During the event, Marc talked about this year’s season and the challenges to be faced by those who wish to become champions in this sport. Our rider highlighted the importance of the support of sponsors that develop solid projects in the lower motorcycling categories and create frameworks to compete at a high level.


Marquez also recalled “my family’s support has been fundamental to get me motivated and offer a basis so that I can persist during races. It is similar to the work carried out by Estrella Galicia 0.0, which is a brand with a family history behind it and that for over 100 years has evolved without forgetting it’s origins. They started their project in the motorcycling world with me and they have become a genuine reference in the motorcycling world. That is of great pride to me.”

After winning the Termas de Rio Hondo Race in Argentina last Sunday, Marquez ensured that it is still too soon to say who are this season’s favorites to the title. “Having run just two races, it is too soon to define who are the favorites. Moto GP is a tight category and last minute changes in the general classification are common”. According to the rider, this year’s prospects are good “We’ve got a good strategy, we’ve got it right with the motorbike and we know that the circuit has some singularities and that it has to be run totally concentrated and focused”.


Fabio Rodriguez, General Manager for Estrella Galicia Brazil, has stated that “we re very proud to support Marc Marquez and to have Honda as a partner in our motorcycling projects”. Marquez’s performance and dedication over the years are two characteristics that are closely linked to our values. Just as Marquez, who is a sport reference, we aim to develop and maintain the excellence in all we do, without forgetting our origins and our tradition”.

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