• On April 29, the Estrella Galicia Museum  plans return with a unique experience of music and beer with of Leonor Watling and Alejandro Pelayo, with a tasting on another level to the rhythm of live jazz, pop and blues.
  • Our MEGA Estrella Galicia Museum presents an exclusive evening in its Tasting Room combining Galician gastronomy, music and beer, with pairing at 9:00 p.m., of two unique varieties -Estrella Galicia del Camino and Fábrica de Cervezas Grelos- with mussels and empanada followed, at 9:45 p.m., by the Marlango concert.

On April 29, our MEGA Estrella Galicia museum offers a unique evening of music, beer and gastronomy. As every month, the museum will offer the public a unique experience to rediscover the beer world, this time, in the company of Marlango.

The doors will open at 8.30pm, so attendees can enjoy an exclusive pairing with two beers. The first, our favourite and a classic, Estrella Galicia del Camino, accompanied by Galicia mussels in the Belgian style. The second, Fábrica de Cervezas Grelos, with Galician stew empanada by Pablo Pizarro (yes, the famous Empanada Viajera). At 9.45 pm. the live performance of the cult duo of Leonor Watling and Alejadro Palayo will begin, to the rhythm of the best pop, jazz and blue on the Spanish music scene.

MARLANGO. Marlango is a pop group with clear jazz and blues influences. Its name comes from the song I Wish I Was in New Orleans, by Tom Waits, one of their references. The Marlango project emerged at the end of the 1998 in Madrid when Leonor Watling, lyricist and vocalist, and Alejandro Pelayo, pianist and composer, recorded a demo with fourteen songs for piano and voice. In 2002 they joined Óscar Ybarra, a New York trumpeter. With this formation, in 2004 Subterfuge released their first album Marlango, with enormous success and a tour throughout Spain of over 50 concerts, selling out most of them. With this album, they were given a gold record and took their music to Japan and Portugal.T

Their releases continue with Automatic Imperfection (2005), The Electrical Morning (2007), Life in the Treehouse(2010), Un Día Extraordinario (2012) and El Porvenir (2014). In 2018 they published Technicolor (Altafonte), with which they embarked on an intermittent presentation tour of theatres and venues in Spain and Mexico that they were forced to interrupt. During lockdown, Alejandro Pelayo and Leonor worked remotely to create La Cruda, their new song with which they return to the stage to once again “celebrate life and music”. On April 29 they return to the city of A Coruña with MEGA Museo Estrella Galicia with their new tour Si preguntas por ahí ( If you ask around.)

MEGA. MEGA, the Estrella Galicia Museum, is the first and only museum site in Spain dedicated to beer culture. The space, located within the only Estrella Galicia brewery (A Coruña), arose with the aim of disseminating, in an interactive and experiential way, the culture and history of beer.

At our MEGA facilities, the public can enjoy the brewing world with the five senses, learn about the production processes of Estrella Galicia and even learn to serve a beer correctly: MEGA invites you to experiment. Free or guided visits, pairings, beer pulling workshops and special events make up a programme that values the tradition and artisanal know-how of our Estrella Galicia.


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