New Life: When the plastics of festivals hace a second lease of life thanks to Estrella Galicia


Our company continues to activate actions within a transversal strategy committed to sustainability and positive impact. Through the environmental awareness initiative New Life, the waste collected at different events last summer will become the furniture of the next musical events.

During recent years, our company has been developing a positive impact strategy with the commitment to continue contributing every day to improving the health of the planet and to progressively reduce the carbon footprint. Hence, we have created New Life, an initiative that aims to give a second lease of life to the waste generated at different types of events, making them more sustainable and generating a beneficial legacy in the host community and in all those involved.

We join this commitment with a pioneering measure as part of New Life through which, in 2021, plastic was collected from different festivals in which we take part to create new elements thanks to its recycling. In this particular case, all that plastic will be converted into picnic tables that will be used in various events and festivals next summer. The action was implemented at events such as the Resurrection Fest, the Morriña Fest or the Caudal Fest, where not only was this waste management carried out but also collection and information points were implemented to raise awareness among festival goers. In addition, there were also other events such as the Pantín Classic Surf Pro, the largest surfing competition in Galicia, where Cabreiroá carried out waste collection work and different activities were offered, such as workshops and talks, to form and awaken a more sustainable mentality.


It is therefore a question of maximizing the circularity of packaging so that its usefulness is extended over time, reducing the environmental footprint thanks to this new life given to this waste, while at the same time highlighting a message of awareness to transform the usual expression of ‘use and throw away’ for ‘use and reuse’.

The New Life project, developed jointly with the WE Sustainability platform, is part of an ambitious plan by the company whose objective is to be more sustainable every day in all our actions and promote a positive impact that directly and indirectly affects the areas of society where our activity takes place and the people who participate in them.

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