Our Agua de Cuevas brand shows off its asturian mountain origin

Our brand of mineral water launches a new campaign that pulls on humour to show its pride in its Asturian origin and boast about some of the most emblematic places

Camapaña Agua de Cuevas origen asturiano

Our brand Agua de Cuevas presents its new campaign in which it shows more than ever its Asturian origin. In a humorous tone, our brand of mineral water shows its “Asturianism” by  paying tribute to the Asturian mountain and some of its most emblematic places. This is the case of the Picu Urriellu, the refuge of Cabrones, the Peña Santa or the Porra de Enol, which star in the different ads, also highlighting their qualities and inviting you to visit them.

In addition, Agua de Cuevas has counted on the Asturian agency Arrontes y Barreras for the design of this campaign, to add value the benefits of its region through values such as “Asturianness”, proximity and humour.

This campaign can be seen during the coming months in the streets of different towns in Asturias, both on urban furniture and tarpaulins or buses, as well as on television, on digital supports, and in the brand’s social networks.

Agua de Cuevas, a brand committed to its environment and its people

The Asturian spring, owned by Hijos de Rivera, is strongly linked to the natural environment from which its water comes, in Felechosa, in the Port of San Isidro. In recent years it has reinforced its commitment to the care of nature, especially through the circular economy and already 100% of its packaging is made of recycled material, being the first Asturian spring that materialises its commitment to sustainability.

Among the commitments of our company it is also worth highlighting the orientation towards people, a firm commitment to the care of our team that has allowed us to lead the food and beverage sector in the ranking of the best companies to work for in Asturias, placing us in the fourth position of the general Asturian ranking prepared annually by the consultancy Great Place To Work®.

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