Ponte da Boga presents its Expresión Barroca

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Ponte da Boga has celebrated the launch of Expresión Barroca, the fourth limited series of wines that our winery in the Ribeira Sacra has launched to pay homage to the architectural styles represented on the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Previously, the wines launched were Expresión Histórica, Expresión Románica and Expresión Gótica.


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On this occasion, Ponte da Boga chose the baroque gardens of the Pazo de Oca to celebrate the launch of this new wine. There were over 150 guests who enjoyed a dramatised visit of the gardens as well as a wine tasting and an outdoor lunch in the Tilos del Pazo.


José María Rivera

During the presentation, José María Rivera, Chairman of Ponte da Boga, highlighted the work carried out at the winery to recover autochthonous grape varieties and plots in the Ribeira Sacra.


Dominique Roujou de Boubee, the winery’s oenologist advisor(,) led a commented tasting of Barroca during which he highlighted its nuances and composition: 70% Mencía, 22% Sousón, 5% Merenzao and 3% Brancellao, resulting in a tasty, balanced and fresh wine of an intense red colour.


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