1.Description of the Service:

The contents of the Estrella Galica sites form part of an optional web publishing service and hosting service (hereafter “the Service”). You are responsible for all activity carried out under your user name, as well as the protection of your password. Likewise, you accept that the Service is offered AS IS and SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. Estrella Galicia (EG) does not accept any responsibility with regards to availability, opportunity, security o reliability of the Service or any other client software. EG also reserves the right to modify, suspend or interrupt the service with or without prior notice at any time, without being held responsible.

You must be over eighteen (18) to use the Service. EG reserves the right to refuse use of the Service at any time without prior notice, for whatever reason.

2. Appropriate use:

You are responsible for your use of the Service, the contents you publish and the consequences derived from those contents. Furthermore, you agree to use the Service in accordance with applicable local, state, national, and international laws, rules and regulations, including those laws relating to the transfer of technical information exported from your country of residence and all the laws regarding the control of national and international exportation.
You, the user, accept the contents policy of Estrella Galicia’s sites and the rules and restrictions established within it. Although we will attempt to notify you of important changes to the contents Policy, we recommend that you regularly check the most recent version. EG can modify or review the contents Policy, and you will be bound by these modifications or reviews at all times.

EG, however, reserves the right to, but will be under no obligation to, enquire about your use of its Service to (a) determine if the Agreement has been breached, or (b) if the applicable laws, regulations, legal processes or enforceable governmental requests are being complied with.
The majority of the content on Blogger.com and Blogspot.com, including specific entries, pertaind to the person who has written the entry and it is the responsibility of the person or people who have created the entries. EG does not supervise the contents of Blogger.com and Blogspot.com and, therefore, does not accept responsibility for said content. Instead, EG simply provides access to this content as a Service offered to the user.
Due to its very nature, the Estrella Galicia.com sites could publish offensive, harmful, imprecise or inadequate material for a number of reasons, or, on some occasions, incorrectly tagged or possibly misleading material. We hope you act cautiously and use common sense when using the contents published on Estrella Galicia sites.
EG does not promote, support, represent nor guarantee the veracity, accuracy or reliability of any communication published through the Service, nor does it defend any opinion expressed through it. You accept that all trust placed in the materials published through this Service is your responsibility.

3. Privacy

In order to be able to use this Service, you agree to the terms, which will be periodically updated, set out in the Privacy policy of Estrella Galicia’s sites, as specified in the latest version of the programme accessed. You agree to EG being able to access or reveal your personal information, in addition to the content of messages, if it is required in order to comply with legal processes or enforceable governmental requests (such as arrest warrant, summons, court rulings or court orders) or when it is stated in these Conditions of Service and in the general Privacy policy of EG. The information collected by EG will be stored and processed in Spain, United States or any other country in which EG or its representatives have facilities. By using the Service, the user authorises said transfer of information overseas.
Users can unsubscribe from EstrellaGalicia.es at any time by sending a written request to CORPORACION HIJOS DE RIVERA, SL Departamento de Marketing, C/ Jose Maria Rivera Corral, 6, 15008; A Coruña (España). HIJOS DE RIVERA reserves the right to modify the contents of the present terms, which are the same as those members can find on www.MAPIE.es. Should the user wish to contact EG, they can do so via the “Contact” section on the ESTRELLAGALICIA.ES webpage.

4.General Use and Data Storage

You, the user, agrees that EG accepts no responsibility for the deletion, non storage or transfer of content and other messages on the Service. EG reserves the right to set limits on the use and storage, at any time and with no prior notice.

5. Content of Service

EG accepts no responsibility with regards to third party content (including any type of virus or other harmful elements) nor is it under any obligation to check it. EG reserves the right to eliminate or reject the distribution of any content in the Service, such as any content that breaches the terms of this Agreement. EG also reserves the right to access, read, keep and reveal any kind of information which it reasonably considers necessary in order to (a) comply with any applicable law, regulations, legal processes or enforceable governmental requests, (b) apply or execute this Agreement, including the investigation of possible infringements, (c) detect, prevent, or deal with any case or situation involving fraud, security, or technical matters, (d) respond to users’ requests for assistance, (e) protect the rights, property or security of EG, its users and the general public.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

EG’s Intellectual Property Rights:
You, the user, acknowledge that EG holds all the rights, titles and interests to and for the Service, including all Intellectual Property rights, and that these are safeguarded by United States and international intellectual Property laws. Therefore, you agree to not copy, reproduce, alter, modify or create anything that originates from this Service. In addition, you also agree to not use robots, web crawlers, other automated devices or manual processes to control or copy any part of the Service content. As described below, EG’s rights do not include third party content used within the Service, including message content that appears within the Service.
The user’s Intellectual Property Rights:
EG waives the right to the ownership or control of any content that the user sends, publishes or displays on or through Estrella Galicia sites. The user, or a third party licence provider, reserves the right to the patents, trademarks and copyright of any content published, sent to or displayed on or through EG Services, and you are responsible for the protection of these rights as appropriate. On sending, publishing or displaying content on or through publicly available EG Services, you grant EG a non-exclusive, free international licence to reproduce, publish and distribute said content on EG Services. Likewise, EG reserves the right to refuse to accept, publish, display or transfer any content, at its discretion.
You, the user, state and assure that you possess all the rights, powers and authority necessary to concede the rights granted by this document for any content sent. You may choose to send, publish and display any type of material on or through the Service subject to a public licence (eg. A Creative Commons licence) either by marking the materials personally or using the tools available on the service. So as to avoid any doubts, EG is not part of any of the aforementioned public licences between you and third parties. Likewise, in order to avoid any kind of doubt, EG may exercise any right granted according to (a) public licence(s), should there be any, applied to its materials or (b) the present agreement.

7. Resale of the Service is forbidden

Unless expressly authorised in writing by EG, it is forbidden to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for commercial purposes (a) any part of the Service, (b) use of the Service, or (c) access to it.


The use of trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos and domain names belonging to Estrella Galicia, or other domains property of EG, and any other distinctive brand elements, must be in accordance with the present Agreement and with the Brand Management rules in force at any time.

9. Representation and guarantees

You, the user, state and assure that (a) all the information provided to EG with the purpose of participating in the Service is correct and up to date, and that (b) you possess all the rights, authority, and powers necessary to partake in this Agreement and carry out all the necessary acts required according to this Agreement.

10.Cancellation and suspension

EG may, at its discretion, at any given moment and for any reason, terminate the Service, cancel this Agreement, or suspend or cancel your account. In case of cancellation, the account will be deleted and you will have no access to it or any of the account files or contents, although copies of these may remain in our system for a short period of time due to the backup copy system.

11. Compensation

You agree not to cause harm, and compensate EG and its affiliates, associated companies, representatives, authorised representatives and employees, should there be any complaints from third parties in relation to your use of the Service. This includes the responsibility or expenses incurred through complaints, losses, damages (direct or indirect), law-suits, resolutions, legal costs and legal fees, of any type. EG will notify you, in writing, with regards to such complaints, law-suits or legal actions taken.

12. Entire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between you, the user, and EG, which dictates the use of the Service, and supersedes any previous Agreement between the user and EG. Likewise, the user is subject to the conditions and additional terms which may be applicable when other services of EG, its affiliates, third party content or third party software are used or acquired.

13. Waiver and independence of terms.

The fact that EG does not implement or guarantee the compliance of the rights or provisions within this Agreement does not constitute a waiver of the right or provision in question. If a competent Court of Law considers that a clause within this Agreement is not valid, the parties agree that the court must attempt to interpret the intentions of the parties as reflected in the provision. The rest of the provisions will preserve full validity and effectiveness.

14. Statute of limitations

The user accepts that, independently of any term or law that stipulates otherwise, any claim or action derived from the use of EG Services or the Service Conditions or related to said use, must be effected within one (1) year of the claim or action being brought about; otherwise it will be rejected.

15. Choice of Legislation; Jurisdiction; Law Court

The Service Conditions have been drawn up and will be enforced in accordance with Spanish law; conflict solving provisions in the user’s country or state of residence will not be applicable.

16. Copyright

Our policy is to act when informed about alleged infringement of Spanish law with regards to digital media copyright, if you feel that your copyright has been infringed.