The Best Beer Puller in Galicia is Paula Isabel Balleste, from Miramar de Sada restaurant

The winner was among 20 participants from all over the region in the Galician leg of the Estrella Galicia Beer Pulling Contest held today within the framework of Xantar in Ourense. Carlos Antonio Villar from Casa do Patín in Padrón was runner-up in the contest.

Paula Isabel Balleste Campeonato Gallego de Tiraje de Cerveza Estrella Galicia

This morning the Galician leg of the Estrella Galicia Beer Pulling contest was held at our stand in Xantar   in Ourense. A total of 20 contestants from various places in the community faced each other throughout different rounds to take the title of best beer puller.

Participants had to demonstrate their skill by pouring drinks, serving bottled beer and answering questions of various kinds about the beer world. After a thrilling finale, Paula Isabel Balleste Muñiz of Miramar de Sada restaurant took the title of Best Beer Puller in Galicia. The runner-up was Carlos Antonio Villar de Casa do Patín in Padrón.

The winner has acknowledged having prepared very well to face the challenge after having tried to qualify without success two years ago. Despite being nervous , Paula Isabel Balleste said she enjoyed the experience immensely and is very enthusiastic about the national championship.

Luis Alberto de Sousa of Ernesto Patio Bar in O Carballiño and Ricardo Cela of Café Bar Lisboa in O Barco de Valdeorras were the two runners-up, which allows them to participate in the national contest that will take place in the Salon Gourmets of Madrid in March.

The jury was composed of experts in beer pulling, hospitality and gastronomy: Benjamín Seoane, current Galician Champion, Miguel Pampín, current National Champion, Isabel Sánchez Atan, service teacher of I.E.S Vilamarín, and Xabier Cubillo, from the Beer Culture Team of Hijos de Rivera as jury president. All of them had to use their depth to assess the quality, efficiency and speed of the service, as well as assessing the knowledge of the candidates for the title about the characteristics of Estrella Galicia products.

The five finalists received a prize of their weight in beer, and a cash prize for the champion of 600 euros and for the runners-up 400 euros. Three further prizes of 150 euros each were also awarded. All of them receive a diploma accrediting their classification, reserving  the direct qualification to participate in the National Beer Pulling Championship for the best, covering their travel and maintenance expenses.

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