The Harvest Market shows the full potential of galician rural in FITUR

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The Mercado de la Cosecha has travelled to FITUR this week to highlight the capacity of attracting tourists that rural Galicia has as a competitive lever to enhance its sustainable development.

Our social commitment project occupies a space within the Pilgrim stand, which promotes the Camino de Santiago in the largest tourist fair in Europe.

The Mercado de la Cosecha has started the year traveling to FITUR with the aim of valuing the Galician countryside from a different perspective. A series of producers present their proposals within the framework of this tourist macro-meeting trying to publicize their activity and their products and thus providing a different perspective on the potential of our rural and its wealth in gastronomic and tourist terms.

From January 19 to 23, the Mercado de la Cosecha will have a space within the stand of Pilgrim, a company that promotes the Camino de Santiago at FITUR, and visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the history and products of a series of successful initiatives of rural Galicia, as is the case of the cheeses of Cortes de Muar and Arqueixal,  the delicacies of Amorodo, the infusions of Orballo or the jams of Carabuñas, in addition to other projects such as Galo Celta, Casa Grande de Xanceda, Pazo de Vilane and Kalekoi.

The objective of the project is the transformation of rural areas into a more prosperous and sustainable environment through new models of socio-economic development. The purpose of its presence at FITUR is to publicise the value associated with rural production processes as key elements that can provide new ways for sustainable tourism use.

FITUR is the largest tourism fair in Europe with the participation of nearly 7,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries throughout 8 pavilions. In this edition it expects to welcome 90,000 visitors.

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