We present the 14 restaurants that will compete in the “Desafío XChef by Cervezas 1906”, at the Vigo Seafest 2022


This morning, at La Tita Rivera in Vigo, we presented the participants of the new XChef by Cervezas 1906 Challenge, which will take place within the framework of the Vigo Seafest 2022. The 14 restaurants will participate in the contest to promote 14 species of fish, donated by shipowners from Vigo and paired with one of our 1906 Beers.

Desafío XChef by Cervezas 1906 en el festival Vigo Seafest 2022

Cervezas 1906 presented this morning, in collaboration with the Cooperativa de Armadores de Vigo, a new edition of the “Desafío XChef by Cervezas1906”, which will take place in the new edition of the Vigo Seafest festival. The ARVI do Peixe festival, Vigo Seafest 2022, which will be held from 7 to 10 July, is a reference event for the gastronomy from the sea and reaffirms Vigo as the European capital of fishing.

Signature cuisine is the epicenter of this event, which will have a total of 14 Vigo chefs who will present 14 tastings of species donated by shipowners from Vigo, paired with one of our 1906 beers.

The Vigo restaurants Niño Corvo, El Juliana, El Temporal, La Carpintería, La Contenta, La Pica de Flandes, La Pintxoteca, La Tula, Lume de Carozo, Malasangre, María Manuela, Mijo, Nikko and Trepia, will be the participants in this XChef challenge by cervezas 1906, and they must defend their gastronomy proposals before a jury that will include the prestigious Chef Angel León, “the chef of the sea”.

In addition, the triple Michelin Star and head chef of Aponiente will participate in a round table, in which sustainability and positive impact through gastronomy will be the protagonists. The talk will revolve around “La Huerta del Mar” (“The sea garden”).

Pedro Pastur, head of Hijos de Rivera, stressed that “from our company we are always at the side of those proposals that enrich and value the talent of our caterers. Gastronomy is a spearhead in its commitment to sustainability, circularity and responsible consumption, and no one better than Ángel León, strong advocate of committed gastronomy, to accompany us in this challenge“.

Shipowners such as the Cerco Association, Pesquera Áncora, Atunlo, Calamari Trading, Talasa Barbanza, Gandón, Lanzal, Moradiña, Pereira, Atlantic Gate/ Skelling Fish, F.I.C.P. Armadores de Pesca,  Festival collaborators, support this initiative with the donation of all the species that are going to be tasted.

The president of ARVI, Javier Touza, has pointed out that “the sea is our wealth and our work, and we can but thank the collaborating institutions for their support to this Festival“.

The best tapa paired with one of the 1906 beers will be announced on July 7, before the opening of the kitchen stalls of the Vigo Seafest festival, and will go directly to the final of the national contest to be held at the Salón Gourmets in Madrid in April 2023.

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